Introduction to Pro Tools

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Producer, engineer & songwriter Aaron Sternke from Artist House Music has recorded a series of videos and posted them on YouTube that gives an in-depth and insightful tutorial series on Pro Tools and how to get started with using and recording with the software. Aaron cover’s everything from the differences between Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools interfaces, how-to create a new session, and recording.

Introduction to Digidesign’s Pro Tools software, including differences between Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools LE

Interfaces for Pro Tools LE

(Including the several variations of the Mbox2 as well as the 003 interfaces.)

Create a new session in Pro Tools

Includes how to create a click track, set the session tempo, and prepare a track for recording

Simplicity of recording within Pro Tools LE

Disclaimer: All videos are the property of Aaron Sternke and Artist House Music and are used on this site for strict Educational purposes. No copyright infringement has been intended by it’s use.


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