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Article by DJmailerdaemon

DJmailerdaemon has once again contributed to the Media Lab Learning Hub with a series of Audacity video tutorials, which demo the basics of how to use the open source program, Audacity. These tutorials were prepared by CCTV Cambridge

Audacity Part 1: Introduction to Audacity by CCTV Cambridge

In this tutorial, we introduce Audacity, an open-source audio editing platform that’s incredibly simple to use. This video explores how to set-up your preferences and start recording audio. Want to learn more? Visit CCTV’s Classes page here:

Audacity Tutorial Part 2: Amplification, Noise Removal and Editing

In part two of the Audacity tutorial, we go over amplification, noise removal, chopping your sound clips to the right length, and how to publish your sound clips as mp3s.


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