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Adobe’s Colour Palette

Designing a colour palette for your media project can be overwhelming. And on larger projects it can be especially hard to get everyone involved thinking the same way.

A good place to start is an image that expresses the mood or ‘feel’ that you are after then use a program such as Adobe Kuler to extract specific colours.

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Web Designer’s Nightmare

Web Designer Hell

This article / comic posted on the website The Oat Meal, paints a very humerous yet very insightful look into the issues and possible stresses involved with being a web designer or developer. If you are thinking about this as a potential career path you have to bare in mind that at the end of the day you are dealing with clients who want a specific thing and you have to adhere to their demands. This can be said for any service including the film and video industry. You are making a product for a client, and the client “thinks” they know best all the time.

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Twitter for Learning?

Twitter Logo

Yes you read the title of this post correctly and you are not hallucinating, but more and more learning professionals are jumping on the Twitter band-wagon as a tool for use in the classroom and e-learning environments. To me, twitter has been one of those social media website’s that I can see it potential, but never could find a valuable use for it in the classroom. I tried to adapt learning activities to it, but let’s face it twitter just isn’t that big in Australia. However, I have recently stumbled across a fascinating article by Silvia Tolisano from Germany who is a Technology Integration Facilitator and 21st Century Learning Specialist.

The article details how Silvia used Twitter to engage in an interactive online learning experience with Third graders called “CSI- Crime Scene Investigation at school!” in which third graders found unidentified skeleton on a school campus and took photos of them before uploading them to twitter and asking the online community to help them identify the photographs they had taken.

CSI Twitter- Crime Scene Investigation

This is a fantastic article about the potential of Twitter for learning if used in the right context. To read the full article click on the following link:

Stepping Up to a Professional Tripod by David Flores has posted this fantastic article on Tripods for professional film-making by David Flores.

If you take your camera work seriously, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of a tripod. Quality tripod kits do more than just hold your camera rig up. These supports improve composition, force perspective, and provide smooth pan and tilt movements. While taking a look at some fine options from Sachtler and Vinten, we’ll examine the form and function of professional tripod supports.

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Questions to ask clients before designing their website

Brian Hoff has posted this very good article on his blog, The Design Cubicle,  about some of the key questions you need to ask any client before getting down to the nitty gritty of designing their website for them.

The important thing to remember with any website that you develop, is to do your research and know your client well because in the end you, as we web developer, are part psychologist as well because you need to get into the minds of both the client and the end user in order to understand what both wants and then reach a compromise between the two.

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