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Twitter for Learning?

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Yes you read the title of this post correctly and you are not hallucinating, but more and more learning professionals are jumping on the Twitter band-wagon as a tool for use in the classroom and e-learning environments. To me, twitter has been one of those social media website’s that I can see it potential, but never could find a valuable use for it in the classroom. I tried to adapt learning activities to it, but let’s face it twitter just isn’t that big in Australia. However, I have recently stumbled across a fascinating article by Silvia Tolisano from Germany who is a Technology Integration Facilitator and 21st Century Learning Specialist.

The article details how Silvia used Twitter to engage in an interactive online learning experience with Third graders called “CSI- Crime Scene Investigation at school!” in which third graders found unidentified skeleton on a school campus and took photos of them before uploading them to twitter and asking the online community to help them identify the photographs they had taken.

CSI Twitter- Crime Scene Investigation

This is a fantastic article about the potential of Twitter for learning if used in the right context. To read the full article click on the following link:


How-To Start a Blog by - have posted an article in their “How-To” section on their website which is all about “How-To” start your own blog. It is a rather useful and straight to the point article which can give you some relevant information on where to go for setting up your blogs and how to get started with the fine art of online blogging. Everyone else is doing it, why aren’t you? – – To read the article follow this link

In the meantime here are some of the most popular blogging websites available on the Internet:

  • — One of the first large open source blogging projects, WordPress remains a popular choice for bloggers small and large.
  • — Now owned by Google, the first end-to-end entry in the blogging world provides some strong tools and the ability to host your traffic, so you don’t have to.
  • Xanga – Part blog, part social network, Xanga offers some extra community-oriented features.
  • Vox – The free version of Typepad/Movable Type. Like Xanga, Vox features some extra social components.