Podcasting is the online equivalent to radio broadcasting, allowing anyone with a computer and access to a microphone the chance to create their own radio broadcast, radio play, or any type of audio delivered message or music. It is particularly useful for educational purposes, allowing instructors and teachers to record a lesson and upload it to the internet for their students to use and re-use at their pace.

A Podcast is…

  • A digital audio file (i.e. mp3, m4a )
  • A radio show, broadcast, radio play, music, reviews, lessons etc…
  • Uploaded online along with an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to a server or your website.
  • Can be downloaded by your listeners using a program such as iTunes which looks at the RSS feed and retrieves the latest podcast
  • Can be played on any consumer mp3 player or iPod

This above list is explained in detail in the following articles and tutorials…


Podcasting in Plain English (Video)

A 3 minute explanation of podcasting by Commoncraft.com


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