Microphones and how-to use them

Here is a short list of recommended microphones for Podcasting, accompanied with a short tutorial on how they work and how to use them.


Marantz PMD-660The Marantz PMD-660 is a portable, solid-state, compact flash audio field recorder. It has 2 XLR (balanced) inputs, 2 line-in inputs, 2 internal microphones and can record in raw WAV or MP3 formats. It is powered with four (non-rechargeable) AA-sized batteries which offers 3.5 to 4 hours of uninterrupted recording.

Click here to download the PMD660 User Guide [PDF Download]

To view a Podcasting case study using the PMD660 click here PMD660 Podcasting Case Study (PDF 170.9 KB)
Here is a video tutorial on how to use the PMD-660 digital field recorder:

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RODE Podcaster Microphone

Rode Podcaster MicrophoneThe RODE Podcaster Microphone is a USB output microphone that records audio at broadcast levels, accompanied with zero latency headphone monitoring. The Podcaster allows the complete novice or the industry professional to easily record audio on a computer, save as a WAV file or convert to MP3 and then either post on a podcasting site or send via e-mail anywhere in the world. The Podcaster is currently installed in the Media Lab’s Vocal Booth facilities.

Download the User Manual for the RODE Podcaster [PDF Download 1.14mb]

To view a tutorial on how to use to Vocal Booth click here
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Q3 Zoom Recorder

Samson Tech Q3 Zoom Recorder

THe Q3 Zoom Recorder gives you the ability to not only to record audio at 24-bit/48kHz HD quality but it also comes featured with an in-built video camera, a 2.4-inch LCD display, a 32GB SDHC card and a USB cable making it easy to edit videos and upload them to you YouTube on the fly. It’s powered by 2 AA batteries and can record 640 x 480 rez video for up to two hours.

Click here to watch the Zoom Q3 Product Video!

Download the Q3 User Manual (PDF Download 3.17 MB)
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Zoom H4n Audio Recorder

Zoom H4n Audio Recorder“The world is full of portable audio recorders for capturing lectures, recording your garage band, or helping you produce a podcast, but few products are flexible enough to do it all. The Zoom H4n is a welcome exception to the rule: a mobile recording jack-of-all-trades that includes built-in stereo microphones, professional XLR and 1/4-inch microphone jacks, a multitude of recording formats, and a design that’s intuitive and tough.” (Reference CNET Reviews)

Click here to watch the Zoom H4n Features Video!

Click here to watch the Zoom H4n Performance Demo with Kiko Loureiro and Paul Pesco!

Download the H4n User Manual (PDF Download 19.71 MB)

Watch this video on how to use all the different modes on the Zoom H4n

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Other Useful Tutorials and Resrouces

  • Media College – How Microphones Work Tutorial [www.mediacollege.com/audio/microphones/how-microphones-work.html ] If you would like to know how a microphone works this basic introduction is a good place to start. This tutorial also outlines three of the different types of mics available – dynamic, condensor and directional.
  • Media College – How to Use Microphones [www.mediacollege.com/audio/microphones/how-to-use.html] Selecting the most appropriate microphone for the job you are undertaking, positioning the microphone to achieve the best results and tips on mounting your mic and hand-held mics.

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