Podcasting Breakdown

What you need to get started…

In order to create a successful podcast here is a list of essential items that you are going to need in order to get started…

Pre-production Essentials:

  • A project breakdown of your podcast. What is it about? Who is it for? Is it for entertainment or education?
  • Line up talent or individuals you wish to interview
  • Decide where you are going to do the recording. Is it going to be recorded in a studio or a live broadcast?
  • How often will you record a new episode? Daily, monthly, weekly?
  • A script with a clear beginning, middle and end
  • Gather the essential equipment needed


Note: Not all of these are essential.

  • Microphone (essential)
  • Record Mixer
  • Recording Device (Digital sound recorder, computer, etc) (essential)
  • Computer (Mac or PC) (essential)
  • Internet Access (essential)
  • Script (essential)
  • Headphones (essential)
  • Sound editing software (i.e. Audacity, Pro Tools etc) (essential)
  • Pop Filter for your microphone?

Here is a good article from Peachpit.com about equipment you can use/buy for podcasting which gives you a rough indication of what is out there: http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=413667&seqNum=3


  • Recording space
  • Your equipment
  • Anyone you are planning to interview
  • Script
  • Patience
  • Clear direction and purpose
  • Allow for setbacks

Post Production Essentials

  • Audio editing software
  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Understanding of audio compress, size and outputting your audio

What you need online:

  • Web hosting or a pocasting hub such as PodcastAlley.com with enough web space for uploading audio
  • iTunes
  • RSS Feed
  • Web-presence (website, blog, forum etc)
  • A way for your users to access the podcast and to know that the podcast exists

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