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The University of Technology’s Communications faculty offers a wide range of facilities and equipment that can successfully produce podcasts, but this doesn’t mean that you have to borrow or use UTS equipment in order to create one. The equipment and facilities at UTS are of high quality and will offer you the best sound quality and results for your podcast because the Media Lab is very much aware of how vital sound is to any recording. The following is a list of equipment and facilities that you might be able to use in order to create your very own podcast.


  • Media Production Labs – These labs contain over 25 MacPro workstations with the latest Adobe, Final Cut Studio and other software. Each equiped with the ability to record audio. To learn more about the Production Labs at UTS click here
  • Vocal Booths – The booths are self contained mini-studio’s equipped and ready solely for the purpose of podcasting and recording digital audio. Inside is a Rode Podcaster microphone, Mac Mini and Audacity software.
  • Professional Sound Facilities – The MediaLab audio facilities include three Pro Tools | HD 8 control rooms, equipped to specialise in Music/Audio Arts, Post-Production and Surround Mixing, housed around a shared recording floor and separate booth. To learn more about the MediaLab’s Pro Sound facilities click here
  • Phone Booth Recording Workroom – This facility allows you to record a telephone conference/interview straight into Audacity.
  • Multi-modal Research Laboratory – The laboratory includes a variety of technological aids including SeeingMachines FaceLab eye and face-tracking system, facilities for unobtrusive video recording of interviews and focus groups as well as data analysis of subjects. To learn more about the Mulitmodality Research Lab click here


  • Boom Poles (Good for on-location sound recording)
  • Digital Audio Recorder (for on-location) including a PMD-660 and PMD-670
  • Field Mixers (on-location recording)
  • Minidisc Recorders
  • M58 Omni Vocal Microphone
  • Shure VP64 Vocal Microphone
  • Mic Stands
  • Q3 Zoom Recorder (recommended)
  • Zoom H4n Audio Recorder (recommended)
  • Headphones
  • Radio Microphones (Sony and Samson)
  • RODE Podcaster Microphone (recommended)

The Media Lab has a large variety of Microphones that I have not listed here due to the fact that many of them are not necessary for podcasting and are more likely to be used for more professional audio recording. I have tried to list some of the microphones that would be better suited to podcasting and not to professional studio recording. However if you would like to learn more about what microphone’s are available please talk to the Equipment Store guys.

The Media Lab Equipment Store gives students access to an extensive range of professional production equipment. This enables students to produce broadcast quality projects and to graduate experienced and competent working with the latest production technologies.

Portable Equipment Store

The Store resources include 16mm film cameras, HD digital video cameras, professional lighting systems and digital sound recording equipment.

Our Store staff are experienced media production professionals who work enthusiastically with our students to ensure they select the right equipment to meet their production needs.

Use Portable Equipment and Facilities Booking System to book equipments from the Store.

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