The Dashboard 101

The Dashboard is the main interface where you as a user and creator maintain and develop your WordPress blog or website. Here you can add posts, upload media content such as videos, photos, sounds, music etc, add links for users to go to, develop pages such as an “About Us” page where you can add content that isn’t “blog” type content, administer and manage user comments, change the look and feel of your blog site, add authors and administer registered users to your blog or website and adjust other settings such as how users read and interact with your blog, timestamp and much more. - The Dashboard

Click to enlarge... have kindly developed a video tutorial about the Dashboard for you to watch, which goes through all the key components of the Dashboard and gives you a thorough Introduction to navigating it’s space. Watch there video below:

If you want to get right back to a recent draft, you can now dive in right from the dashboard’s Recent Drafts pane. This video walks you through what’s on offer.


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