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Pages are static and are a good way of publishing other content to your site that you don’t want to be constantly updating such as information about you, contact information, links to other website, etc. These pages allow you to add content that does not appear like a “blog”, but appears more like a “website”. Depending on the theme that you have chosen in your design, pages will display differently on your site, and by using the “Pages” widget you can add the list of your pages to your side menu bar’s. Pages are not posts, so if you want to make a post, this is not the place for you.

Writing a New Page

There are two ways to start writing a new page.

You can click Pages->Add New in the left menu.


Or you can select New Page from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the administration screens.


Editing a Page

If you would like to edit a page, click Pages->Edit on the left menu.


How to Find the Page ID

You can find the Page ID in the edit post or edit page URL.

Watch the “Adding an “About Me” (or any other static) page” video from WordPress.tv.


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