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In order to understand what is meant by a post, you first must understand the concept of “blogging” and what it means to “blog” online. Blogging is the method by which a user, such as yourself, can frequently add content to a website in the form of diary entries, news articles, letters, reviews, posting video content or photographic content, and basically sharing and displaying information to an online community. To explain this further here is a video that explains it all:

So now back to the topic at hand POSTING using WordPress.com… First of all you need to know what you want to post, how you want to post it and whether or not is has links to other websites, if you are going to add images, sound and/or video and who you’re target audience is. There is no point in starting a blog if you don’t know what it is your blog is going to be about and what information you are going to spread.

What is a Post?

Posts are entries that display in reverse chronological order on your blog’s front page (however this can be customized so that you can have a static home page instead, which I will explain later). Posts can be organised into categories so that users can choose the posts that are relevant to what they are searching for. If you have millions of posts it’s always good to think about how you are going to organise your information. These posts are then archived and displayed in RSS feeds with an associated date and a URL which allows a user to always link and fine a particular post at all times.

How-To Write a Post

Believe it or not but there are in fact FIVE different ways you can post an article, review etc. to your wordpress.com blog.

  1. Posts > Add New in the left dashboard menu
    Adding a New Post
  2. The QuickPress Module on the Dashboard home page.
  3. The New Post button in the upper corner of your blog’s admin screen
    New Post Button
  4. New Post Link in the admin bar.

    New Post Admin Bar Link

  5. Write your post as an email and publish it on your blog via the Post by Email feature.
    Post via Email

Writing and Editing Posts

Watch the “Writing and publishing a post” video from WordPress.tv.

Watch the “Saving and returning to draft posts & pages” video from WordPress.tv.


[Reference: Thank you to WordPress.com for providing information. No copyright was intended, this is purely for education purposes]


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