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When you hear of the word widget, alot of people immediately pull a confused face and then go “WTF?”. This is a common symptom of WordPress confusion and many people break out in sweats soon after, but in the works of Douglas Adam’s “DON’T PANIC”.

What in the world is a ‘Widget’?

When you look up the definition of a Widget online you might be even more confused if you are not a tech-savvy person who understands tech jargon for example this is what Wikipedia has to say about the dear old widget:

A web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation. (Ref: Wikipedia)

However, to put it plainly and simply a Widget is basically a made up word to describe useful tools or applications that you can add to your blog, especially the side-menu bar of your blog. As long as your chosen theme has Widgets enabled, you can use them and they allow you to add cool things like Twitter feeds, connections to your Social Media sites, flickr feeds, add a calender, tag clouds and much more.

You can access the widgets is from the Appearance menu in your Dashboard.


To add a widget, drag the widget bar you want to add from the Available Widgets or Inactive Widgets areas on the left into the Sidebar area on the right. Here is a short screencast showing how to add and edit widgets:

For more information about Widgets go to http://en.support.wordpress.com/topic/widgets-sidebars/


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