WordPress.org – Quick Tour

The Administration Panel, is the brain of your website and the place where you can create and control EVERYTHING. It is the content management system’s main interface and is just as easy to use as WordPress.com.

If you are familiar with WordPress.com you will notice that the Administration Panel is exactly the same, however there are some features in WordPress.com that do not exist in WordPress.org. However, all you need to do to get those features back is to install what is known as PLUG-IN’S (See relevant chapter on Plug-in’s for more information)

This is what the WordPress.Org administration Panel looks like:

WordPress.org Administration Panel

Click on image to enlarge

Here is a quick break-down of each section and what they involve:

  • Posts: Post’s is where you can create, edit, delete and manage your “blog” posts to your website. To view more information about posts, click here
  • Media: Here is where you can upload and manage your media such as videos, photos, images, pdfs etc.
    : Posting these elements to your website in WordPress.org is different than posting on WordPress.com.
  • Links: Here you can create and add links to external websites for your users to visit
  • Pages: Create website pages such as “about us”, “contact” etc to make your site look more like a website than a blog.
  • Comments: Moderate and manage user based comments and replies.
  • Appearance: Change and adapt the look and feel of your website, customize templates and themes or create your own and upload it. You have total control of how your WordPress.org website looks like.
  • Plugins: Here is where you can install funky additions to your site to make it more interactive. Add twitter feeds, contact forms, advanced search engines, or make your website search engine optimized (SEO).
  • Users: Manage and moderate the user’s on your website in terms of their priveledges, roles (author, contributor etc)
  • Tools: Additional tools for posting via email, exporting and importing XML feeds etc.
  • Settings: This area determines the back-end settings of your blog such as how users read your site, your website’s title etc.

If you are familiar with WordPress.com you will notice that the Dashboard for WordPress.org is very similar, there are only slight differences in that there are some features that .COM has such as polls, ratings etc, that .ORG doesn’t have. Do not panic, however, because you can install all of these back onto your WordPress.org website by going to the Plug-ins section and installing them yourself. This way you can choose which plug-in you wish to install and customize that plug-in to your needs, instead of be constricted by the parameters of the pre-installed plug-ins that wordpress.com comes with.


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